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I was a top broker in the peak of my career when I experienced burnout. I became so passionate about my job that I forgot about self care all together. Late nights, early mornings & lunches hunched over a keyboard, if I even ate at all, were a few things that led me to my downfall.  I battled brain fog, weight gain, anxiety, & was always exhausted. I wasn't fueling my body or my brain properly and I wasn't giving myself the rest or nourishment I so desperately needed. 

 Living in a society where we only address symptoms and never treat nor understand root level causes it was important to me to learn more about what I was experiencing and take every step I could take to fix it.  I became a sponge learning and reading any material that would help me inspire change & live a more balanced life. I dug deep into Integrative Nutrition, Holistic Healing & Nutritional Therapy. I quickly learned that 'health & wellness' isn't just about what's on our plate but a full circle of elements that when fully aligned and balanced keep us fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.

Our body is always speaking to us, and it is important that we are listening and giving it the fighting chance to heal. 


Optimize the right food & lifestyle choices for weight loss 

Reduce inflammation, anxiety & brain fog

Implement long lasting habit change & create routine 

Learn tools to manage stress & prevent burnout

Ditch perfectionism  

Create healthy, positive boundaries 

  • BBA from Western Michigan University 

  • Certified Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist through The Health Sciences Academy 

  • Manifestation Expert through Kathrin Zenkina's MBA Academy 


Coaching programs available via Zoom, FaceTime & Phone.

Conor O'Brien, Auto Sales 

If you are looking to grow personally and start your journey towards better health, speak to Elizabeth. This was my first time speaking to a wellness coach and I feel really positive looking forward. 

Ryan Jensen, Carrier Account Manager

Working with Liz was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am down 18 pounds and owe a ton of my success to the guidance and vision Liz provided for me. Liz is a great motivator for anyone who is looking to change their day to day diet and lifestyle. I have no plans of stopping and continue to be grateful that Liz was able to help me. 

Nicole Esposito, Marketing Analyst 

Liz helped me greatly manage my stress and create a more sustainable lifestyle. Together we created a goal list and figured out how to approach it in a way that I could easily integrate into my daily life. This allowed to me to take bite size, manageable pieces and to feel accomplished and empowered to make more change. 


Kayte Sleep, Logistics Broker/Super Mom

I worked with Liz and couldn't be happier. She gave me nutritional guidance that helped me lose ten pounds and learn more about healthy eating & portion control. She cheered me on and helped me get through tough days when my ambition was lacking. She was very fun to work with and I will continue working with her on my journey. 10/10 would recommend her. 


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