Day Planner Created by Local Wellness Coach for a Better Detroit & A Better 2018

Stephanie Popso, Detroit-based wellness coach is pioneering the wellness movement in Detroit. She's a local favorite of entrepreneurs, execs, wellness practitioners & busy moms. Stephanie is also the go-to health consultant for corporations such as Little Caesars, Whole Foods & Yoga Shelter. Her mission is to help her clients become "power planners", so they can work smarter and focus on being the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. Popso created and designed The Empowered Life Planner to serve as an organizational tool to do just that.

With topics spanning from nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress & work-life balance, Stephanie supports her clients by helping them build healthy habits & routines. In between sessions, her Empowered Life Planner gives clients the support & accountability they need to balance their lives. Over 1,000 people became "power planners" last year alone.


Each year Popso donates a portion of the planner proceeds to local & global non-profits. Last year she gave to Art Road, bringing art class back into Detroit schools. This year, a portion of every sale will be donated to Alternatives for Girls, helping homeless and high-risk young women in Detroit. She plans to lead wellness workshops with these women in 2018.


Popso uses online scheduling tools such as google calendar, but in her experience we hold ourselves more accountable & check more off of our list when it's written down. Studies show that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing (not typing) them down on a regular basis. With daily prompts for goals, gratitude, vibrant foods, exercise & self care, planner users are given a rock solid foundation to support them in their life's pursuits.

As a new mom, Stephanie knows how important it is to have work-life balance. Stephanie believes that when we empower ourselves with the right information and support, it's easier to live a happier, healthier life. She believes that when we're better to ourselves, we're better to our community. And that starts right here in Detroit.

The Empowered Life Planner is designed in Detroit by wellness coach, Stephanie Popso, and printed in Dexter, Michigan, using sustainable materials. Click HERE to see her video & reserve your copy. 


Stephanie writes articles on wellness & healthy habits. She is also available for workshops involving her planner & creating lasting healthy habits. Inquire within.

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