Winter can make us feel stuck, sluggish & stagnant. We can either hibernate or use this time to transform our lives, habits & mindset! Sick & tired of feeling sick & tired? Need a Kickstart?
Starts: January 18th
Ends: February 16th
KICKSTART HEALTHY HABITS with the Naturally Empowered Team, Dr. Jen Shell & Shanon Chaiken CHt! Join us on a journey to get the mind & body in harmony by crowding out unhealthy habits, patterns & routines. Through optimal nutrition, mindfulness techniques, coaching tips & suggested essential oils, our aim is to help you create long-lasting lifestyle changes that you’ll maintain long after our 30 days together have ended.

Small actions each day to greater health and happiness 🥳.
Create muscle memory around habits and rituals that bring you energy, balance & joy. Take on this challenge with the support of our team and our Empowered community to keep you motivated, inspired & hungry to thrive.

What You Get:
 shopping & food prep guide, Facebook support group, handouts, recipes, tips on crowding out sugar, boosting immune system info, self care tips, balancing blood sugar for mood, guided breath work and meditation, essential oils tutorial & samples, journaling tool from Stephanie's planner, movement ideas, 2-3 guided yoga classes, workout tips and hacks, information on gut health, inflammation, acid & alkaline, self care tips, hacking stress & anxiety & mindfulness tools.
The Benefits:
 less stress, more sleep, better shopping, prepping & eating habits, better health, more you time, calm, weight loss, improved exercise habits, more self control & confidence, more energy & stamina, more efficient routines, greater knowledge & utilization of essential oils, more happiness & gratitude, learning how to fit in what matters most to you and measure success in different ways.
Week 1: Crowding In
Week 2: Crowding Out
Week 3: Filling in the gaps
Week 4: Whole Living
Are you ready to take charge of your health & happiness? Set & reach your wellness goals? Have the most vibrant life possible? We're here to support you! Sign up now to reserve your spot. Program includes a welcome packet & 30 days of interactive support via a private Facebook group.
About the hosts

Stephanie Popso is a certified Holistic Health & Well-Being Coach with a focus on nutrition, healthy habits, mindfulness & practical lifestyle management techniques. She the founder of Naturally Empowered & is the author of The Empowered Life Planner, a wellness-inspired, healthy habit forming day planner. She leads wellness retreats, courses, wellness challenges & yoga classes both in person and virtual.
Elizabeth Selvaggio is a certified nutritional therapist and an integrative nutrition health coach, focusing on healing with whole foods & weight management. She is the project coordinator on the Naturally Empowered team and creator of the empowered cleansing bundle!
Dr. Jennifer Shell is a chiropractor who specializes in nutritional counseling and nutritional therapy using Nutritional Response Testing (SM). She has been in practice for 20 years and practices in Grosse Pointe Woods MI at The Alternative Health Care Center. She is a wife and mom to two amazing boys. Dr. Shell is the founder of, which encompasses helpful resources for busy women including a book and easy to execute online courses to help any woman short on time realize her health potential.
Shanon Chaiken
 is a Certified Hypnotherapist with a strong focus in helping people achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellness using hypnosis. 

Dr. Shell's Food To The Rescue book. Retail $13.99. As a participant of the challenge, it's half off. Code coming soon.
Steph's Empowered Life Planner. Retail $35. As a participant of the challenge, it's $15 off. Code coming soon.
Liz's signature energy clearing sage bundle. Retail $17. As a participant of the challenge, it's $7 off. Code coming soon.
Feel free to direct any questions to Stephanie:

30-Day Kickstart Challenge

  • "I loved having a positive group to share my progress with. I was excited each day to focus on my eating, overall wellness, and working out. It was easy to participate and fun to see how other people add vibrant foods to their day. Can’t wait to sign up for 30 day challenge."

    "A huge thank you to everyone at Naturally Empowered. The challenge was a truly motivational journey!! I found it transcending and enjoyed everyone's posts / pictures and comments!!"

    "So grateful for this group!! It definitely encouraged me to do more." 

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