We're so happy to announce another collaboration with our fam, Detroit Rose.RITUAL & FLOW BUNDLE: 1 blush Empowered Planner + 1 patchouli + amber candleAs we get ready to usher in & embrace a brand new year, it's our intention to do so with RITUAL & FLOW. Even the smallest daily rituals give us balance & peace,keep us grateful & sane,help us elevate our vibration,so we can be in flow with life.Let this dynamic duo aid you in building rituals that will help you shine bright in the year to come.1. Strike a match2. Light Detroit Rose's Patchouli + Amber candle3. Allow the sensual and earthy aroma to fill your space4. Open your Empowered Life Planner & take some sacred time to set intentions for 20214. Close your eyes and visualise living these intentions out & ending 2021 on a high note.5. Repeat daily.Enjoy saving $12 with this bundle. Planner retails for $35. Candle retails for $32.Detroit Rose Patchouli + Amber candle:A sensual and earthy rendition on classic patchouli. Soft notes of white floral, musky amber and herbs. For earth goddesses and those seeking to deepen roots and open the heart.Learn more about Detroit Rose here: https://www.detroitrose.com/candle/patchouli-amber-candle


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