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Employees are the greatest resource of a thriving company. Research shows us that the health of a company directly correlates with the health & happiness of its' employees. Companies that make wellness and personal growth a priority always see a return on their investments.


As a corporate wellness educator/speaker and a 'power through planning' expert, I help companies find their sweet spot through mastering time management, harnessing productivity & creating a wellness focused company culture. 


I've created a variety of different corporate programs so employees can more effectively approach work, family & the constant ebb and flow of life. That means more energy & creativity so employees and masterminds can fire on all cylinders. Having a resident wellness coach can help your company & employees thrive & find much needed balance to navigate work & life. Not to mention, lower healthcare costs. 





You don't have to be a traditional company to host a wellness workshop or event. From doctors offices to spas to yoga studios, I have created workshops, special events and talks for students, patients and clients. I truly enjoy collaborating with businesses that want to add value to their community. I have been a resident well-being coach at many establishments to bolster the menu of offerings as well as a special guest speaker & activator. The possibilities are endless, so please contact me if you think I could add value to your offerings or business.


Custom events & talks

Motivational Speaking

Corporate Event Coordination

Lunch & Learns- popular topics below 
Recipe Demos/Tastings
Group Coaching
One-on-One Coaching
Group Yoga & Meditation

Essential Oils 101/ Make & Takes 

Group Wellness Challenges

Monthly Newsletter Pack

Event Catering & Craft Services
Cafeteria Consulting 
Empowered Life Planner Wholesale Distribution & Workshops
Nutrition & Wellness Event Booth

Live Empowered Workshops

All programs & engagements are FULLY customizable to meet your company's specific needs. 


Creating Healthy Habits & Routines (with or without Empowered Life Planner 

What to Eat: A Crash Course on Nutrition

Healthy, Busy People: Finding Balance At Work & Home

Inflammation & Balancing the Body

Healthy Sleep Habits

Avenues to SELF CARE & balance

Essential Oils Make and Take: wellness recipes for work & home

Breathwork & Meditation

Sugar High: Sweeten Life With Less Sugar

Blood Types & What They Mean

Ayurveda & The Doshas

Gut Health

Deciphering Food Labels

Food & Mood

Time Management & Productivity

Attitude of Gratitude

Eating for Energy & Vitality

Detox: Mind, Body, Work & Home

Powerhouse Supplements

Functional Yoga

Stress Management & stress reducing foods

Better Breakfasts at work and home 

Eat Your Veggies

Mindset Matters

Empowered Living

All About Macronutrients (Macros)


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Christy, Above The Barre X, Owner

Create 2019 with Stephanie Popso was exactly what I needed to start my new year on the right foot. Her gentle yet probing questions led us to listen to our soul’s answers. I also loved the useful tips for getting the most out of the journals. 


Heather Zara, Zara Creative, Owner

Stephanie gives meaning to the concept of holding space for others; fully present and engaged. Her presence allows her to respond with communication that clicks, creating a lot of 'aha' moments. She is doing the work with us, not telling, but showing.


She is prepared, structured & intuitive in a way that provides the framework for meeting us where we're at, but with enough flow to pivot when needed. 


Christina, Educator + Creativity Whisperer

I truly enjoyed thinking optimistically about the new year with Stephanie. She guided us through our intention setting, reconnecting with our breathe & crafting rituals that worked for our lives. Dropping the all or nothing mentality has served me well. I see the rituals that add value to my life – like reading a few minutes each morning – and those that have helped me connect better with others – like leaving my phone put away when out to dinner with friends.


Stephanie’s class reminded me that rituals are little things that we do on a daily basis that collectively contribute to who we are & how we feel connected to the world around us.


Aimee Stein, Human Resources Generalist, Sachse

Stephanie is chill and informative. Her strongest quality is her knowledge of health and wellness, and how all aspects of your wellness are connected.


Stephanie has taught me about neural pathways, all the habits that we have created- how to recognize them, acknowledge them and work to create new ones.

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