The Dalai Lama was asked what surprised him most, he said "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. Then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die & then dies having never really lived."

Like many, in my late teens & early 20's I had a skewed vision of what 'wellness' was. I thought dieting worked, my fears held me back & I judged the hell out of myself. I was constantly stressed, tired & living life at the surface level. I knew there had to be more.

Design school took me to NYC where I started to discover my true self. After buying the book 'Healing with Whole Foods, I experimented with different ways of eating & gained understanding of how the foods I put in my body affected my mood, energy & productivity. Work in the surf industry took me to California where I became more in tune with my body & the environment. Finally, family brought me back to Detroit where I was certified to teach yoga & SUP Yoga (still teaching HERE!) & started a vegan catering company, which I adored. Cooking was gratifying, but I knew I could make a bigger impact. I wanted to empower people how to LIVE well.

In 2013 took the plunge & was certified as a Holistic Health Coach through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Then in Plant-Based Nutrition through The T. Colin Campbell Foundation. After that, I graduated The Spirit Junkie Master Class taught by Gabrielle Bernstein. I study & teach manifestation and mindset ("The Secret"), mindfulness & infinite possibility (Wayne Dyer & Brian Weiss) practical lifestyle management techniques (Dr. Christine Carter). In 2016, I created The Empowered Life Planner, which will be in its 5th amazing year this winter. In 2019 I led my first solo retreat in the Dominican Republic & started teaching online courses & welcomed my amazing sister Liz aboard! I am in love with what I do & the wonderful people I've met! All of these experiences help me to serve & guide you in an authentic way. Browse my offerings to see how I can help you live the most vibrant life possible. 

Alex, Creative/Mama

There are plenty of coaches out there who can help you set & achieve your goals, but Steph's magic is in helping you discover your 'why'. Working with Steph has helped me tap into my inner voice & develop the confidence to listen to it. I was able to be vulnerable with her in ways that I hadn't ever in my life & it's a gift I will cherish long after the goals & ideas we discussed fade into the past. Her smile lit up many a Tuesday morning for me & her presence in my life continues to be one of endless encouragement and inspiration. 

Gina, Seeker

The biggest overall change is my self doubt & guilt has subsided (significantly). I truly feel like I have become the expert on my health and happiness which makes it easier to shed the self doubt and insecurities. Feeling this empowered makes loving myself easy. Steph is a gentle, loving, open, radiant light with a truly special gift.

Angelique, Healer of Minds

With Stephanie's help I have lost 27 pounds since the beginning of our program, my blood pressure went from 170/100 to 120/80 consistently. I walk (breathing hard walking) 2-3 times per week. Most importantly I have a plan. I know the things that equal good health including primary and secondary foods.

Cheri, Boss

Working with Stephanie was a game changer! She was able to reign in my “all or nothing” mentality, so I could allow myself to celebrate even the small victories. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my outlook on food. It is no longer the enemy but a nourishing tool. It is rare to find someone that has charismatic energy as well as expertise. She is the whole package and truly inspiring

Callie, Mama/Blogger

Steph is OUR wellness coach. Over the years she has helped Ryan and me with diet and nutrition goals when we have veered so very far off course. She is passionate, approachable, knowledgeable, warm and kind. I could go on. The very best part of working with her is that our changes are all sustainable. They are becoming habit, our way of life. Wait, scratch that. The best part of working with her is doing it with my partner in life (Ryan). 


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