At Naturally Empowered, we believe that ALL humans have the innate ability to grow, heal & thrive.

We also believe that it takes a village.


 We know at certain points in our lives that extra support is needed to grow out of habits and behaviors that keep us from feeling & being the best version of us. We've learned that when we invite that support in, it inspires the greatest of personal innovation, inspired action & a keen awareness of the steps needed to get to a desired outcome in a sustainable way.



Weight Management



Time Management/Productivity


Self love/self worth

Stress Management 

Overall Well-Being

Our programming has helped 100's of clients create healthy habits & routines to avoid burnout & carve a clearer path to their 'YES'. Each program is tailored to your unique lifestyle, body, preferences and goals.

1) Break down your goals & dreams into manageable steps.

2) Learn to blaze a trail with small steps to reach larger goals

3) Discover where you're leaking energy (AND GET IT BACK)

4) Learn how to change with the seasons to avoid burnout

5) Identify your "YES" in nutrition, self care, movement & stress relief

6) Learn about neural pathways & the brain science behind habits

7) Unblock your MAGICAL FLOWS

8) Create rock-solid routines that keep you thriving

9) Start giving yourself permission to take what you need

10) Make an impact on humanity in your own way



-Kitchen Clean Out 

-Cooking Classes

-Private Yoga & SUP yoga

-Private Breathwork & Meditation

-Private workshops

-Grocery Store Tour & Advice

-Vision Boarding 

-Home Sustainability Upgrade 

-Home Garden Program

-Well Travel Research & Planning

Coaching program available internationally via Skype, Facetime, phone and in person.

Alex, Creative/Mama

There are plenty of coaches out there who can help you set & achieve your goals, but Steph's magic is in helping you discover your 'why'. Working with Steph has helped me tap into my inner voice & develop the confidence to listen to it. I was able to be vulnerable with her in ways that I hadn't ever in my life & it's a gift I will cherish long after the goals & ideas we discussed fade into the past. Her smile lit up many a Tuesday morning for me & her presence in my life continues to be one of endless encouragement and inspiration. 

Gina, Seeker

The biggest overall change is my self doubt & guilt has subsided (significantly). I truly feel like I have become the expert on my health and happiness which makes it easier to shed the self doubt and insecurities. Feeling this empowered makes loving myself easy. Steph is a gentle, loving, open, radiant light with a truly special gift.

Angelique, Healer of Minds

With Stephanie's help I have lost 27 pounds since the beginning of our program, my blood pressure went from 170/100 to 120/80 consistently. I walk (breathing hard walking) 2-3 times per week. Most importantly I have a plan. I know the things that equal good health including primary and secondary foods.

Cheri, Boss

Working with Stephanie was a game changer! She was able to reign in my “all or nothing” mentality, so I could allow myself to celebrate even the small victories. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my outlook on food. It is no longer the enemy but a nourishing tool. It is rare to find someone that has charismatic energy as well as expertise. She is the whole package and truly inspiring

Callie, Mama/Blogger

Steph is OUR wellness coach. Over the years she has helped Ryan and me with diet and nutrition goals when we have veered so very far off course. She is passionate, approachable, knowledgeable, warm and kind. I could go on. The very best part of working with her is that our changes are all sustainable. They are becoming habit, our way of life. Wait, scratch that. The best part of working with her is doing it with my partner in life (Ryan). 

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