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Great change happens when we leave the comforts of home. Away from the grind of our day-to-day, we can make space to learn, grow, heal, create & renew. Join us for 5 days of soul-expanding exploration and discovery in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California. For centuries, indigenous people have considered the land sacred, using it for spiritual ceremonies and healing practices. The looming rock formations, twisted Joshua trees, and stretching sand desert conjures a sense of awe and wonder that can inspire deep contemplation and reflection.


we are loving awareness.

It can be challenge to consistently pour into the habits and rituals that keep us feeling grounded, whole and inspired. When we're not able to be in communion with ourselves in this way, our inner light can dim.  There is always an opportunity to press the RESET button. We can do this alone, but in community we are held & supported in a way that's unimaginable.

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It's Time to RETREAT.

To RESET, EMPOWER & SUPPORT your path. To be curious. To hold space within. To have space held for you.


The foundation of this retreat is built on creating more loving awareness within, so we can shine more loving awareness into our lives, our communities and the world. Participants will receive an Empowered Life Planner to support their journey on the retreat as well as a place to come back to long after our time has ended.


Join Stephanie on a trek to the heart in the expansive outskirts of Joshua Tree. Leave feeling more connected to you, your purpose, and what it means to be alive.


Imagine waking up to the sun rising over the desert in your own little sanctuary surrounded by foothills & mountains in the distance. You head to the main kitchen to grab a light breakfast, before making your way to the morning yoga class & workshop. After class, you change into your swimsuit, relax by one of the pools, head in a book. You recharge in the sun for an hour or 2 before eating a colorful lunch with the group.

You take a trip to the sauna & then head back to your room to prepare for a private sound bath at the world famous Integratron, a deeply rejuvenating sound chamber in the middle of the desert.


Relaxed & rejuvenated, the group hops in the van & heads to Pioneertown to shop & have dinner. Back at the compound, you gaze at the stars from the hot tub & thinking about the vastness of the universe. You're happy you're HERE - EXPANDING, DISCOVERING & GROWING with amazing people. You head to bed with a smile on your face.


And that's just day one. 


      Save when booking with a roomie

  • Opening and closing ceremonies led by Steph 

  • Daily yoga classes- led by Steph (bring your yoga mat)

  • 3 workshops led by Steph rooted in self care, ritual, expansion

      and the Empowered Life Planner.

  • 8 colorful, healthy on-site meals & snacks

  • a group sound healing at The Integratron

  • a guided hike through Joshua Tree National Park

  • a private Star Party to see the night sky like never before

  • access to 2 hot tubs & 2 pools

  • access to the grounds of Lepota including a hammock sanctuary

  • 3+ hours of sauna at Lepota 

  • free time for self care, relaxation & exploring

  • cleaning fee & airbnb fee