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Enjoy our own signature blend of antiviral 🌿 herbs that are gentle yet effective powerhouses. This tea is easy to sip throughout the day hot or cold. Add our tea to your daily rituals during a time when it's still very important to bolster our immune systems.


Add fresh ginger, a green tea bag, lemon 🍋 and/or honey for even more benefits & to heighten the potency.



-holy basil- creates t-cells and natural killer cells (immune cells)



-lemon balm



-dandelion root- antiviral & inhibits replication of some viruses, good for liver and blood



 6 servings in single use tea bags packaged in a muslin bag

12 servings in signle use tea bags packaged in a muslin bag

12 servings loose in a glass jar


Each serving makes 20 ounces of hot or cold tea.


This tea is not proven to cure or prevent any sickness. It cannot prevent corona virus, but studies are showing people that have the virus & are taking antiviral herbs are producing better outcomes.

Antiviral Herbal Tea Blend

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