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I'm so excited to support you in your journey! If you're ready to level-up your habits, perspective & evolution, with extra support and accountability, look no further. My coaching sessions are 40-50 minutes and can be done in person (outdoors), via facetime, skype or zoom. I recommend working together for at least 90 days (6 sessions) if it's possible. That's the sweet spot for sustainanable growth. Get all the details about coaching sessions HERE. Learn more about my planner HERE. After you sign up for your sessions, take my survey so I can prepare for our first meeting HERE. All new clients will receive a complimentary copy of my Empowered Life Planner ($35 value), the foundation for all of my programming including coaching. Coaching sessions can also be purchased in the form of a gift certificate. Just let me know in the notes!


Invest in 4 sessions, save $50.

Invest in 5 sessions, save $70.

Invest in 6 sessions, save $150

Wellness Session with Steph

  • Shipping: is 5-8 business days unless otherwise noted.

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