Welcome to the 5th year of the Empowered Life Planner! It’s an honor & a privilege to share this transformative ritual that has helped thousands reclaim their time & well-being. These pages were crafted to equip you with the tools & inspiration to realize your goals sooner, with less speedbumps & more satisfaction. They will aid in your organization & focus, so you can experience your most abundant year yet…or the 5th :)
As 2020 has shown us, there is no for sure way to know what any given year will bring, but there IS a way to create habits and rituals that bring us balance & direction every, single day. Our planner will show you how to adjust your sails when you can’t change the direction of the wind. Get in the groove of making this planner part of each day and that trait will be indelible. 
With organizational tools, wellness tips, inspiration & gratitude practices on every page, The 2021 Empowered Life Planner is your rock solid foundation to form healthy habits and routines, so fitting in what's most important to you happens on the reg :)

2021 Empowered Planner

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