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A Wellness Coach's Home Birth Story

Rosalina Sage entered this world right on time, literally. She came on her due date, May 12th! I hope this means she will always be on time :) I know people are curious about our home birth experience, so I wanted to take some time today & share how it went & who helped us.

On May 11th, I knew my body was going through changes (untrackable contractions, pains, aches), but not enough to stop me from a 2 mile walk, light grocery shopping in my neighborhood,carrying the bags home on foot, weeding the garden, getting mother's day gifts with mike and dinner.

We went to bed at midnight and I woke up at 1:30am to some new and different intense feelings. I knew this was it & there was no looking back. Mike called the doula and midwives, and we were advised to track my contractions for a half hour. Ten minutes in, my body was telling me they had to get here asap. I labored in the bathroom (on my knees, holding the sink) until they arrived. Once they were here, Mike filled up the birthing pool, and once it was full, it was time for me to get in. I resumed that same position on my knees, with my arms over the side of the pool, Mike handing me cold washcloths & coaching me. The sensations were very electric and larger than life as she moved down the birth canal. Rosalina came within the hour. She did not take her time. She was ready & we were ready too. At 4:36 am our miracle swam into our lives and we've been in smitten ever since!

Myself, Mike & Rosalina felt so taken care of and supported by our in-house team: Heather (midwife), Linda (midwife) & Emily (doula) and our satellite team: friends and family (especially our immediate family) from all over the globe. The whole process was an honor and a privilege & we are so grateful to have experienced it. If you have specific questions, please feel free to reach out. If you're thinking of a home birth, and would like to reach out to our wonderful team, see their contact info below. Next blog will be: 3 Reasons Why We had a Pleasant and Safe Home Birth Experience


Doula, Emily Varnam, Co-Founder of The Fifth Vital Sign

Midwife, Heather Robinson, founder of Birth Beautiful Detroit

Midwife, Linda Honey, founder of New Horizons Midwifery

Lactation Consultant, Kristi Miller,

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