Antiviral Tea Recipe

Antiviral herbs are gentle yet effective powerhouses. There are so many amazing antiviral herbs out there & many of them are in your spice cupboard right now. I wanted to share what herbs those are and an easy recipe to sip throughout the day during a time when it's VERY important to bolster our immune system.

What herbs you can use:

holy basil- creates t-cells and natural killer cells (immune cells)

lemon balm






echinacea- antiviral & boosts immunity


dandelion- antiviral & inhibits replication of some viruses, good for liver and blood

How to make the tea:

-Pick 3-6 of your favorites (or whatever you have) & combine them in a mason jar & shake it up to mix the herbs

-Add fresh ginger and a green tea bag to heighten the potency.

-If you are using fennell, give it a quick pass through a coffee grinder or blender to break it open.

-If you are making tea for the day, bring 60oz of water to a rolling boil, add 3 tbs of tea mixture, turn off heat and let sit for 10 minutes. The rest can sit all day as you drink it.

-If you are making 1 serving, use 1 tbs of tea to 20oz of water

-You can make overnight tea, by using the measurements above and letting the tea or water sit overnight in a pitcher or jar.

This tea is gentle enough to sip all day. 60 ounces is a good amount for one person. This tea cannot prevent corona virus, but studies are showing people that have the virus & are taking antiviral herbs are producing better outcomes.

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