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Antiviral Tea Recipe

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Antiviral herbs are gentle yet effective powerhouses. There are so many amazing antiviral herbs out there & many of them are in your spice cupboard right now. I wanted to share what herbs those are and an easy recipe to sip throughout the day during a time when it's VERY important to bolster our immune system.

What herbs you can use:

holy basil- creates t-cells and natural killer cells (immune cells)

lemon balm






echinacea- antiviral & boosts immunity


dandelion- antiviral & inhibits replication of some viruses, good for liver and blood

How to make the tea:

-Pick 3-6 of your favorites (or whatever you have) & combine them in a mason jar & shake it up to mix the herbs

-Add fresh ginger and a green tea bag to heighten the potency.

-If you are using fennell, give it a quick pass through a coffee grinder or blender to break it open.

-If you are making tea for the day, bring 60oz of water to a rolling boil, add 3 tbs of tea mixture, turn off heat and let sit for 10 minutes. The rest can sit all day as you drink it.

-If you are making 1 serving, use 1 tbs of tea to 20oz of water

-You can make overnight tea, by using the measurements above and letting the tea or water sit overnight in a pitcher or jar.

This tea is gentle enough to sip all day. 60 ounces is a good amount for one person. This tea cannot prevent corona virus, but studies are showing people that have the virus & are taking antiviral herbs are producing better outcomes.

We are making our own custom blend of this tea and it's up in our store! Ours includes holy basil, lemon balm, oregano, sage, fennel, peppermint & rosemary. Check it out HERE.

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