Demystifying Sourdough Bread. A list of favorites (starter, bread recipe & banana bread)

Here at Naturally Empowered, we're all about giving you information so you can be more self reliant, well & aware. Like many, we went down the bread-baking rabbit hole during the early months of quarantine and it has become a weekly ritual for us.

Previous to March 2020 we normally had one of these 3 breads in our fridge: Ezekiel Bread (yum, sprouted), Avalon or Zingerman's bread (yum organic). Now we're in the groove of making our own bread and it's not as time consuming or difficult as we thought.

(rosemary sourdough)

Store bought bread (especially big box stores) can have hidden sugar (or corn syrup) and lots of ingredients that are hard to pronounce that lengthen the shelf life, enhance the flavor, make said loaf pillowy soft or a certain color. The flour in store bought bread can be stripped of its nutrients, bleached and enriched. Why can't it just be simple?!

There are a lot of great companies out there doing it right, like 3 we mentioned above. But if you've ever been curious about making your own, here's a good place to start. Besides sourdough bread having a very short ingredient list (3), it can be easier to digest than bread that is not naturally leavened or store bought and can even be tolerated by some folks that are sensitive to gluten. Please note: sourdough bread is not gluten-free.