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  • Steph

5 APPS FOR A BETTER YOU! (and a 'nudge')

I'm always looking for ways to simplify my life. Whether it's better time management, better routines, less stress, feeding myself better, I want more time to enjoy the beauty & less time going throught the motions.

For most of us, trying to create a healtheir, happier life, steals a lot of our energy. Here is a list of 5 apps that have helped me make progress with my goals, while taking the stress & energy of planning out of the equasion. Take a look & feel free to leave a comment with your favorite "better you" app!

1) Nudge

I recently became a nudge coach and really love this app! It's a great database to track food, beverages, movement, sleep, indulgences, energy and weight. It's possible to sync apps like fitbit, jawbone & strava to Nudge to track movement and exercise too! A simple way to plug in your day, see it all in one place & us the accountability to reach your goals. The app is great on its own but if you're considering a health coach, you can hire a Nudge Coach (me) for $50 a month by using my promo code. I can view all of your progress from the backend and help you when you need it most. Give the app a look, contact me to learn more.

2) Owaves

The Owaves app is the first day-planner designed to help you prioritize healthy activities – like exercise, sleep, and nutrition – alongside traditional work and errands. You decide how big of a chunk of your day you want to devote to certain activities and Owaves helps you get in that groove. A great reminder for people who are on the go!