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Design Your Best Year Yet With These 5 Steps

During a season where it's easy to get swept away with lofty goals, remember, at the heart of positive change is your relationship with YOU. When we bit off more than we can chew, it's hard to move in a forward motion towards what matters most... so many of us will retreat back to safety.

What if we could find safety in change by doing it in a way that doesn't create a frantic and stressed way of being? In a way that jives with how our brains like to work?

Here's how to create a life in line with your goals & dreams one sustainable, step at a time.

1) Start where you're at: The most sustainable route to our goals begins right where we're at. Big change can create havoc in our brains & many unfulfilled new years resolutions. Our brains do like when we build a solid foundation for change by taking small, safe and sustainable steps toward larger goals. Where is a good place to BEGIN? See how habits coaching can help launch your wellness journey.

2) Start small: There are grooves in our brains called neural pathways that get deeper and deeper the more we repeat a habit (good or bad). Starting with a small action step allows us to start a new groove for a new habit which makes it easier to perform that habit after time. What is a smart & small action step you can take toward your goal? See how our planner/journal combo can help you start small.

3) Ditch the all or nothing mentality: This sort of mentality makes it hard to reach our goals because it lacks self compassion. When creating sustainable lifestyle change we need to be able to measure success in different ways because LIFE happens. There may be busy days/weeks where we don't completely accomplish our steps, but were still able to make better, more mindful choices by just being present. Practice celebrating the small wins as well as the big ones. Set up your complimentary discovery call HERE.

4) We're not meant to do it alone: Having a team behind us gives us the support and accountability we need to crush our goals while caring for ourselves. If you don't have a team, create one. Healers, helpers, coaches, friends, family, colleagues, classes, workshops, support groups, apps & our planner are just some ideas. P.S Doing it alone is 1000x harder. Let's make it easier. Learn about our retreats that support growth, self discovery & community.

5) Caring for you means reaching your goals sooner: Schedule time in your day for you. A 3-minute meditation here. 5 minutes of breathwork there. Maybe a solid morning routine. Uninterrupted time with family/friends. Time away from electronics. It doesn't need to be an hour block but once in a while try to fit that in too. Schedule downtime. Let's avoid burnout because meaningful work does not happen when we're running on empty. What are your favorite ways to care for you?

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