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The 5 things that have helped me back into balance & vibrancy having a kid under one

Before Rosie came, I was able to seamlessly carve out my day to fit in all of my appointments, self care, social activities, quiet time, sleep, etc...No one can really prepare you for the whirlwind you experience as a new parent. Everything I worked so hard to build came crashing down. All of my wellness tools, kaput. My habits and routines, gone. My non-negotiables, negotiated. It was like I kept on coming up with the wrong key to every single door.

But just like it takes 90 days to form a habit, by month 3 the fog began to lift. I'm not saying I can always see 10 feet in front of me, but, with help, I began to have a relationship with myself again. I began to feel connected to the world outside of my home.

Here are the 5 things that have helped me back into balance & vibrancy having a kid under 1.

1) HAVE A TRIBE: We have to feel supported. Not only through our victories but our defeats. Whether your tribe be your family, friends, a facebook group or mama circle you feel really connected to, make sure you have a support system. And if you don't, explore different opportunities to be a part of a tribe. YOU. NEED. THIS.

2) ASK FOR HELP: Guess what, entrepreneur that's used to doing it all on your own....IT. TAKES. A. VILLAGE. Yes, it took me a while to figure this one out. It was not pretty. Tears, solitude, depression. Whether you call on your closest family and friends, or you find a great nanny, daycares, play group, etc. You are not meant to do it alone. And you will do it better with the support of others.

3) COLLECT TIME: This was some of the best advice that was given to me. You may not get an entire day off. You may not even get 5 hours straight. But even if you get 4 hours here, 2 hours there, it can add up. Call on your troops, see how much time you can amass, even if its broken up. We usually need 50% more than we think we need.

4) MAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE: If you're not taking care of you, how can you take care of anyone else? Even if it's a 2 minute meditation here, 1 minute of deep breathing there, writing a 1-word mantra, thinking of one thing we're grateful for, every little bit helps. During naps, after bedtime, before your kid wakes up. Figure it out. Figure it in.

5) SPEND TIME AWAY: You know that time you're collecting? Get out of the house. Spend time away from your kids & your family. Yes you are a parent, but you are also that same person you were before. Spend time with you. Remember what you love. Take yourself out for a meal or tea. Go somewhere new. Take your laptop to a coffee shop and spend time around real people. Yes, real people. Not the ones on social media.

Through all of it, my Empowered Life Planner has helped me stay organized amid the chaos & has served as a reminder to take care of myself daily. When I don't take care of myself, everything else seems to fall apart. Learn more about the Empowered Life Planner HERE. And use the code: CHEERS for $10 off!

To me, these 5 things are game-changers. Oh, and putting real clothes on! What helps you find balance while you're balancing work, family and kids?

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