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beWELL workshop update & furikake curry popcorn recipe (vegan)

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Last month I began a collaboration with Naomi Gold of Midtown Yoga Shelter. BE WELL (whole, empowered & loving life). Our aim with this workshop was to bridge the gap between the mind and body, to find the wholeness inside of ourselves & allow our joy to radiate out. It starts out with an hour long session of empowering yoga du jour, followed by healthy snacks & a 75 minute fun & interactive lecture about health & wellness both by yours truly. With 3 sessions down and one to go I must say that it's been a profound experience. Having so much beautiful energy in one space is very healing and humbling.

We're aware that big changes do not occur overnight, but also aware that our intentions & actions will help us make those changes. We've shared ups & downs, what works & doesn't, we've taught & learned & laughed a lot. There is one more session left & it's hard to let go of such a beautiful experience, but I know another will present itself. Who knows... we may have a BE WELL part 2! Below is the recipe for one of the snacks I made for our first session: Furikake popcorn!

If you're ready to be empowered to be the change you seek, set up an appointment with me for a free health coaching consultation HERE.

Furikake Curry Popcorn

FURIKAKE!!!!!! YES, THAT'S RIGHT. FURIKAKE!!!!!! Say it out loud with gusto. Furikake is one of those amazing discoveries. I would say it's almost as important as nutritional yeast. And that's pretty important.

I don't know about you, but when I find a new favorite food or condiment or spice, I try it in as many things as possible so it can be more a part of daily life. And the marriage of furikake and popcorn is one for the ages! Many times the creation ends up being a fusion item mixing ethnicities and opposites, which is always an adventure.

Here's how to furikake your popcorn.

ingredients & necessities

popcorn popper or deep pot

popcorn kernels (preferably organic)

oil with high smoke point (vegetable, coconut, sesame, avocado)

FURIKAKE (say it then judo chop)

curry powder

nutritional yeast (optional)

1) pop popcorn according to popper instructions or as you normally would on the stove

2) after popped, place popcorn in a metal rectangular cake pan and lightly cover with oil

3) shake or spook 3 parts FURIKAKE, 2 parts curry and 1 part salt onto popcorn

4) mix (I prefer by hand) in & make sure popcorn is getting covered. Add more oil if needed.

5) Taste. Add more salt or spices if needed. Add nutritional yeast for a more cheesy taste.

6) enjoy!!!!

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