beWELL workshop update & furikake curry popcorn recipe (vegan)

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Last month I began a collaboration with Naomi Gold of Midtown Yoga Shelter. BE WELL (whole, empowered & loving life). Our aim with this workshop was to bridge the gap between the mind and body, to find the wholeness inside of ourselves & allow our joy to radiate out. It starts out with an hour long session of empowering yoga du jour, followed by healthy snacks & a 75 minute fun & interactive lecture about health & wellness both by yours truly. With 3 sessions down and one to go I must say that it's been a profound experience. Having so much beautiful energy in one space is very healing and humbling.

We're aware that big changes do not occur overnight, but also aware that our intentions & actions will help us make those changes. We've shared ups & downs, what works & doesn't, we've taught & learned & laughed a lot. There is one more session left & it's hard to let go of such a beautiful experience, but I know another will present itself. Who knows... we may have a BE WELL part 2! Below is the recipe for one of the snacks I made for our first session: Furikake popcorn!

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Furikake Curry Popcorn

FURIKAKE!!!!!! YES, THAT'S RIGHT. FURIKAKE!!!!!! Say it out loud with gusto. Furikake is one of those amazing discoveries. I would say it's almost as important as nutritional yeast. And that's pretty important.