5 No-Fail Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Health & Wellness Goals

As we kick 2015 into full throttle, many of us are making new years resolutions & talking about what we want to do different this year. The NEW year is a great time for change, a great time for rebirth, and a great time to get into a new groove. Many people, including myself get amped up in the resolution-making and end up with goals that are too lofty to achieve. Knowing that everything is a process and that small victories lead to large goals, I invite you behind the scenes to see how I do what I do and why it works. Throughout my life I've always thought I had a good handle on exactly what I needed to do to be healthy & happy. Most of us do. Even though I was comfortable and complacent being out of shape, eating nutrient-stripped food & thinking in the box, I daydreamed of my healthier, happier self. It seemed inconceivable to to go from where I was to where I wanted to be.

It took me a long time to realize that major change doesn't happen overnight & that it's completely acceptable to ask for and receive help on that journey. There are some, but not many that are able to do it alone. Now that I am a health coach, I have a game plan for myself and my clients to set and achieve their goals. These steps have helped people get more sleep, make time to workout daily, start a meditation practice, lose weight, eat to live, quit addicting foods & more.

Here are the 5 No-Fail Steps to Setting & Achieving Your Health & Wellness Goals