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Sprouted Superfood French Toast

French toast was always something I enjoyed as a kid. Whether my mom made it at home or ordering it out to breakfast, it was always a treat!

Being a health coach & having been on my own wellness journey, I always try to make my favorite recipes healther. Here is my take on traditional french toast that has less sugar, sprouted bread & more fruit! It's sure to be a weekend favorite! Enjoy :)

Sprouted Superfood French Toast

serves 3 people-2 pieces each


-6 slices of sprouted bread: preferably Ezekiel cinnamon raison

-organic eggs: 3 large or 4 regular

-1/4 cup water

-1/2 tsp cinnamon

-1 tsp vanilla

-2 tsp flax seeds: preferably toasted

-2 tsp chia seeds

-1 tsp hemp hearts

-pinch of salt

-coconut or grapeseed oil


-REAL maple syrup, honey or agave

-fresh berries, bananas & fruits


1. add eggs and water to a shallow bowl wide enough to lay a piece of bread in & beat.

2. add all ingredients from cinnamon to salt & beat again

3. with enough oil to coat, bring a frying/saute pan (wide enough to lay 1 or 2 pieces of toast in it) to medium heat.

4. setting up an assebly line next to the stove, coat a piece of bread in egg mixture (both sides) using a fork

5. transfer to the hot pan on the stove. depending on the heat output, cook each side from 1-3 minutes until coating is browned to your liking and middle is cooked through to your liking. Repeat

6. Prep fresh fruit while cooking french toast