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Anti-inflammatory & Superfood Smoothies

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

I recently presented a Lunch and Learn at Sachse in Downtown Detroit. After reading the feedback from my first visit, the group I presented to was very interested inflammation and how it affects us. They also wanted some new, easy smoothie recipes that help create balance and energy. I came up with these 2 recipes just for them. They are quick, easy & filling.

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Superfood Smoothie

2c spinach packed or 2 lg handfuls (antioxidants, anti- inflammatory, magnesium)

1 med banana

1 large apple, chopped, about 1.5-2c (fiber)

1/2 avocado (heart healthy fats, fiber)

7 oz frozen acai (2 pkts) or 1c berries. (high in antioxidants, weight loss, anti- aging aid)

2 tbs lemon juice or 1/2 lemon (alkaline, cleansing)

1c water or more

Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

2c shredded lettuce packed (or spinach)

1 c cucumber quartered

1.5 c frozen mango

1/2 avocado (heart healthy fats, fiber)

1 orange (immunity, vitamin c)

1 knob ginger chopped (helps break down accumulation of toxins in organs, anti-inflammatory, fights sickness)

1c water or more


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