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Our client says were a success on her blog & introducing couples coaching!

My journey as a health coach as been amazingly fulfilling in so many ways. I am filled with pride and great joy as I watch my clients set & achieve their goals of health and happiness. I few months ago I received a message from my friend Kimo, owner of True Body Fitness, letting me know there was a couple that he wanted to refer. This wonderful couple became my clients & I am ecstatic with the progress they are making. I believe they are able to make this progress because they can support each other constantly & hold each other accountable between sessions. Because of their progress, I am launching a couples coaching program! For the months of October & November, all couples will get the same rate as my singular clients (see rates HERE). Just mention this blog post.

My client, also the creator/writer behind blog: With Love From Detroit wrote a post about working with me & training for a half marathon. It inspired people, including myself, so I wanted to share it with you. Without further ado, meet Callie from With Love From Detroit!

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