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3 Tips to Get and Stay in Your Groove

January has past. February is almost gone. How are you treating you? Are you still taking time out each day for your health and happiness? Especially around this time is when we cast our goals to the wayside and get back into old habits. It's EXTRA important to power through the next month or 2 and still make time to say yes to you!

3 Tips to Get and Stay in Your Groove

1)Get Present: Let go of yesterday and tomorrow. Focus on today. Yesterday may not have been perfect and tomorrow is not here yet, so let's focus our energy on what's most important: the present moment. What can we do right now to get closer to your goals? It might start with a change of mindset. If we're used to giving ourselves a hard time when things don't go as planned, it's time to take a breath, and give ourselves permission to change our perspective so we can get back in gear. Each new moment is a new opportunity to dive back in.

2) Restart Small: If we've been in our groove for a while, but a few days of celebrating, vacation or busy work schedules has knocked us out of groove, take small steps back in the right direction. Taking small steps and gradually building on them creates the very important groundwork for sustainable lifestyle change. If you were totally impressed by your progress before you fell out of groove, don't worry. Getting back to where you were is not far away, but it does take patience. What are the best small, actionable steps you can take right now or today to start FEELING motivated & accomplished?

3) Accountability: Whether it be a friend for family member, a workout buddy, cooking buddy, a wellness coach (hint hint), the 2017 Empowered Planner (hint, hint) or a wellness app, let's make sure we have something or someone to answer to. Research shows that we are more likely to stick to our goals if we're constantly being supported and held accountable.

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