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Non-negotiables & Improving Self Care

Even on the busiest days I refuse (yes,refuse) to go without these 3 things. Non-negotiables are a deal we made with ourselves that no matter what the day brings, we will do the things that keep us well. My list is nothing to write home about, but I look forward to it & depend on it.

Just 3 things (because starting small makes more impact than not starting at all)

1) Enjoying my morning coffee (with adaptogens) with my family

2) Streamlining & setting an intention for my day with my Empowered Life Planner (takes just 3 minutes)

3) My nightly skincare routine (my alone time & time set aside to care for myself).

I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my non-negotiables. They help me be the most vibrant, balanced version of me! I refuse to go without them because their impact on my mindset, perspective and gratitude is unparalleled.

What are yours?

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